Our Staff

Michael Workman

With a knack for storytelling, Michael Workman started Primo Journal about a year ago. Covering substantial topics under the Education section, he helps information seep in deeper with creative writing and content management skills.

Bill Banfield
Writer (U.S. News)

Bill Banfield is one among the earliest team members of Primo Journal with a penance for writing news articles that cover each and every important Headlines from the U.S. 

Holly Preston
Writer (Law)

Holly Preston was a professional Lawyer for 12 years before she started working with Primo Journal. Something that always attracted her was the intricacies of law and rules that are set for proper segmentation and functioning of the society. She is one among the most hardworking writers of Primo Journal who pens down creative and informational news from the law niche.

Jennifer Heley
Writer (Health)

Jennifer Heley is a social worker who aids the society with her knowledge of various diseases and healthcare issues. She wants her journalistic contributions in the health genre to reach the audience far and wide with better scope for a global change.

Jim Weinstein
Writer (Science/Astronomy)

Jim Weinstein is a science and space enthusiast who aims to excel in the field. He curates quality news pieces for Primo Journal in the science & astronomy genre.