Automotive Seat Belt Force Limiter Market Latest Trends and Future Growth Study by 2027

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Global Automotive Seat Belt Force Limiter Market: Introduction

  • Increase in research and development activities and the demand for vehicle occupant safety systems has led to advancements in the seat belt system of vehicles. Compared to older variants, modern seat belt systems are more reliable. Seat belt force limiter is a key component of the seat belt system and is responsible for engaging the seat belt system when the vehicle accelerates or decelerates suddenly. An increase in integration of seatbelt systems in vehicles is driving the automotive seat belt force limiter market.
  • Seat belt force limiter is responsible for occupant safety in case of front (head on) collision. Seat belt force limiters are designed to protect an occupant from a possible injury (chest injury) caused due to the seat belt. The force limiter is activated to prevent chest injury when the seat belt system senses excessive pressure on the seat belt and breaks the contact with seat belt anchor.

Key drivers of global automotive seat belt force limiter market

  • Rise in demand for luxury vehicles attributed to an increase in disposable income and improvement in standards of living is driving the global seat belt force limiter market. Furthermore, key reason for customers to buy a luxury vehicle is the integration of advanced safety features in these vehicles. Several automakers are attracting customers by providing advanced luxurious features including multiple air bags, connected technology, and advanced safety features.
  • Stringent regulations pertaining to vehicle safety are further boosting the global automotive seat belt force limiter market. Several government and regulatory authorities have taken initiatives and enacted country-wide vehicle standards and legislations that mandate implementation of seat belt system in a vehicle in order to address the issue of increasing accidental fatalities. For instance, CENTRAL MOTOR VEHICLES RULES 1989, Rule 125 (1), India requires automakers to equip every vehicle with seat belt for vehicle driver and other occupants. Similar regulations have been enacted in several countries including the U.S., Canada, Germany, China, France, Russia, and Japan.
  • Rising concern about the safety of child occupant is driving the automotive seat belt force limiter market. A force limiter used in a child restraint prevents a child’s head from hitting the front seat in case of a collision. For instance, highway code and road safety rules in the U.K. have found that children are most vulnerable occupants in a vehicle and have mandated the use of child resistant (seat belt) if and when travelling in cars, mini uses, and vans Moreover, the U.K government charges a fine of GBP 500 in case a driver is not wearing a seat belt and an additional 60 euros if the child occupant is not wearing a seat belt.

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Asia Pacific to hold prominent share of global automotive seat belt force limiter market

  • Several free-trade agreements between Europe-Asia, UAS-Asia have resulted in economic development of counties such as India, China, Malaysia, and South Korea in Asia Pacific, which has boosted the disposable income and living standards of the population in the region. This, in turn, is shifting consumer preference toward owning a vehicle.
  • Legislations enacted by governments and organizations of various countries are compelling automakers to increase integration of safety features in vehicles. For instance, the Government of the UK, UN regulations, EU Standards on Vehicle Safety by European Transport Safety Council, and safety regulation by SIAM India are a few of the governing authorities that have made installation of anti-theft systems, vehicle tracking systems, vehicle immobilizing systems mandatory in vehicles. This, in turn, drives the adoption of vehicle occupant protection systems.

Key players operating in global automotive seat belt force limiter market:

The global automotive seat belt force limiter market is highly concentrated owing to the presence of top manufacturers. A few of the key players operating in the global automotive seat belt force limiter market are:

  • DENSO Corporation,
  • Joyson Safety Systems
  • APV Safety Products
  • Continental AG
  • Autoliv Inc.
  • Beam’s Seat Belts
  • Kingfisher Automotive
  • Belt-tech, Far Europe Inc.
  • Goradia Industries
  • Seat Belt Solutions LLC
  • ZF Friedrichshafen AG.

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